NAKAWA BIO is a company engaged in the manufacture of high value added agricultural products using environmentally friendly and equitable techniques.

« Fair trade » is based on the idea that « everyone who works has the right to an equitable remuneration ensuring him and his family to have a life in conformity with human dignity »

We are contributing to develop more economic projects creating dignified and sustainable jobs that preserve the environment, such as ecotourism, waste management, water management and organic composting.

Products: in the middle of an eco-farm of 8 hectares, we have a true virtuous model designed to inspire visitors from all over the world. In Vienna in particular, we find the exploitation of aromatic plants, the olive tree and the prickly pear certified organic. We produce pear oil of prickly pear, prickly pear vinegar, prickly pear powder and artisanal herbal products from our organic farming.

All production processes, quality control and distribution come from within the NAKAWA BIO facilities, eliminating the need for a supply chain, without any intermediary in the stages of research, production or marketing. This ensures a limited environmental impact through a minimum of steps, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.