«  El hindi » une richesse tunisienne produite naturellement en masse, ne peut plus être seulement exploitée pour une production de fourrage pour l’alimentation du bétail mais c’est notre  nouvelle source de beauté or vert tunisien 7 fois plus riche en vitamines et acides gras que l’huile d’argan marocain. On a tout misé pour  valoriser d’avantage notre huile de pépins de figue de Barbarie tunisienne et la promouvoir à l’étranger. Ainsi, NAKAWA BIO collecte et vous garantit la meilleure huile de pepins de  Figue de Barbarie cultivée naturellement grâce au climat favorable de la Tunisie ,de qualité supérieure, pure et BIO. »  LOBNA DEMS

In fact, the history of Tunisia has always been marked by women who actively participated in the progress of their country. Each, witness of her time, contributed in its own way to the social, economic but also political development of Tunisia.

Our Founder: Dr Lobna DEMS

Organic farming and the 100% natural usage have already taken an important place in his life and for good reason! Before the idea to mature in his mind, Mrs. Lobna Dems had the unpleasant experience of using chemicals. She had minor health problems because of certain chemicals, which has increased her awareness of the importance of developing and using organic products. Convinced of the potential that organic farming is declining and more particularly the prickly pear as a real organic product, she invested in an activity focused on two sectors: cosmetics and food.

Holder of a doctorate in applied chemistry, the woman elected best entrepreneur of the year 2018 in agribusiness has made every effort to enhance the value of prickly pear oil and promote it abroad. To do this, Lobna has chosen to install her Nakawa Bio project in her home town “Monastir” located in the forest of Ridenne in Jemmel, and she has devoted all her efforts to specialize in the production of organic products in bringing high added value.

Main asset : the attachment to a dream that she intends to realize. She is also driven by strong convictions and by the passion for a profession that she explores and practices.

Main feature: everything is 100% organic and nothing but organic!

Lobna Dems - La Fondatrice de Nakawa Bio


The Founder of NAKAWA BIO Doctorate in Applied Chemistry Voted Best Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 In Agribusiness

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