NAKAWA BIO: the Brand

NAKAWA BIO is a certified organic Tunisian company specialized in the extraction and sale of certified organic prickly pear seeds oil. The NAKAWA BIO brand is the fruit of the partnership between a team of Tunisian professionals and PAMPAT (Market Access Project for Agro-Food and Land Products: financed by SECO and implemented by UNIDO and the Tunisian Ministries DGAB (general direction organic farming).

Founded in 2016, NAKAWA is committed to producing an authentic product, naturally and ecologically processed using only ingredients from organic farming, sustainable, without weedkillers and following artisanal methods throughout the process of production.

Our specialty is the extraction of oil from the seeds of « prickly pear », known in Tunisian dialect as « Hindi Sultan El Ghalla », also known as « Nopal » « Fruit of Cactus ». This fruit is not only part of the Tunisian identity but occupies a good place on the fruit market in Tunisia and its tree is a symbol of peace and wisdom.

prickly pear seeds oil of the tunisian brand nakawa bio

At NAKAWA BIO, we are committed to the extraction of an organic, extra virgin, pure and high quality prickly pear seed oil. We harvest the fruits by hand and transform them immediately. The seeds are washed, dried, sieved, pressed, without adding any other product.

Our company works in total respect of the environment, and we are always looking for the sweetness of oil and working the land according to the ancient techniques of craftsmen.

The elixir of NAKAWA prickly pear seed is to find the character of the peasant women, the care they bring to the trees, the rigor of their crops and the application they put in every stage of production : starting from the fields until bottling the oil, through the mill and storage.

Quality Approach

NAKAWA BIO team is committed to extracting pure, high-quality extra virgin fig seed oil. We carefully collect the hand-harvested fruits before transforming them immediately. Then once extracted, the seeds are washed, dried, sieved, pressed, without adding any other product. Our company works in total repsect for the environment. We do our best to provide our customers with a soft oil carefully extracted using the ancestral techniques within biological.

NAKAWA Bio Elixir : is a prickly pear seeds elixir and one of the best elixir oils available in the market. NAKAWA Elixir is carefully extracted from our fine prickly pear plants and stored fresh in high-quality glass bottles.

Our Promise

NAKAWA strives to offer its customers products of the highest quality possible in terms of their composition, their richness in active and biological ingredients, their sweet scent, their organic culture , their geaographical origin and in terms of the quality of work based on ethics and sustainanble development approach.

The values of the brand NAꓘAWA

  • Range inspired by Orient, innovative and original,
  • High-end and affordable care products
  • Original formulation, secret, unpublished, sophisticated and technical
  • Rare, valuable and effective assets: prickly pear seed oil, typically Tunisian plant extract, damask rose orange flower, thyme, mint, verbena, and organic and natural clay from our own rocks located at Zeramdine center is Tunisian, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, making it a beauty ally of choice. Very elaborated sensory characters: subtle and non-persistent fragrances, fluid textures, non-greasy touch …
  • Certified products  by CCPB and labeled according to European standards,
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint: manufactured products and packaged on our own fields
  • Choosing NAꓘAWA products means giving your skin the best, but also supporting their commitment to ethical, supportive and sustainable beauty.
  • Respect for producers : partnerships with producers and cooperatives.
  • Respect for the environment: preservation of biodiversity, absence of overpacking and animal testing,
  • Respect for consumers: no ingredients derived from petrochemicals, transparent communication without bidding or fancy marketing promises.

The NAꓘAWA charter

  • Exclusively manufacture cosmetics products from  natural products atural products,
  • No usage of any ingredient or preservative derived from petrochemicals (paraben, phénoxyyétanol, PEG, PPG, phtalates… ),
  • Ensure the control and monitoring of all stages of development of our products,
  • Observe current regulations, including safety, hygiene, controls and traceability,
  • Producing 98% raw materials directly In our NAꓘAWA BIO fields: aromatic plants, essential oils, floral hydrolates, organic vegetable oils,
  • Ensure that on-site working conditions and remuneration of women and men are appropriate,
  • Check the sanitary compliance of the production units,
  • Financially support programs to improve the living conditions of the Tunisian populations in rural areas,
  • Respecting the environment by selection of raw materials preserving biodiversity and through the use of recyclable packaging, no wrapping and testing on animals.