Maxi Pack : Prickly Pear Seeds Oil (30ml) + Prickly Pear Seeds Powder

67,90 د.ت

Offer yourself this pack that contains:


The Organic Pricly Pear Seeds Oil:

Organic cactus seed oil is one of the best carrier oils for creating skin-healing oil blends. Rich in omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid, helps to hydrate and nourish skin while vitamins A and E contained in the oil encourage regeneration of skin cells and collagen production to help reduce fine lines.
Absorbs into skin relatively quickly and is considered non-greasy, so it can be used on virtually any skin type. However, this oil is especially helpful for hydrating and healing very dry skin. Contains large amounts of vitamins E, meaning that this oil not only helps skin to regenerate and maintain elasticity, it also promotes better circulation.

The Prickly Pear Seeds Powder:

It is the powder of 100% pure organic prickly pear seeds, certified organic for fruit growing and processing – extracted from a selection of fruits harvested by some rare local farmers in southern Tunisia.
This powder can be transformed into a variety of masks according to the needs of the skin.
This powder is ideal for regeneration, firming and cleansing of the skin. It is antioxidant due to the unsaturated fatty acids, and rich in vitamins A and E which fight against the free radicals.




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